I am inspired by how snow and fog change space.

They dissolve everything without a trace.

Hidden from our eyes, people, cities and animals seem to be protected from danger.

When forests burn down and whole species of animals become extinct,

I try to figure out how I could protect them. In the project, I enwrap in smoke, shroud,

hide natural objects that seem vulnerable to me.
Now I think about protection.

I think about mimicry. Only a few species of animals and plants are capable of such transformation.

What if everyone could protect themselves with adaptable coloring?

I fill the snow-white space with awareness and diligence, like Japanese engravers, leaving only outlines and hints. As if running with an ink pen on

a white sheet, I examine the fillability of emptiness.
Objects merge with the world, and we no longer notice them. We leave them alone.

*You can purchase prints from this series and other works, for this you need to write to me from social networks or by mail. You can see more prints on my instagram.