Mariia was born in St. Petersburg (Russia) in 1995. She is a visual artist and photographer.
She studied at the restoration of painting and studied painting with masters from the Academy of Arts. 

Mariia is interested in exploring the themes of memory, myths and environmental conditions.

She is seeks magical realism in the world.

Lives and works in St. Petersburg.





2017-2019   Academy of documentary photography and photojournalism «Fotografika», (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)


Workshops: Kazuma Obara, Jana Romanova, Elena Anosova, Anna Zekria




Burn magazine, "Flow"

Youthies magazine, "Flow" (print edition)

Phases magazine, "Flow"

Analog magazine, "Flow"

Yogurt magazine, "Tale of the island"

Неизвестная галерея, "Flow"



Group exhibitions


2020  Reclaim Photography Festival, "Beauty in Imperfection" (England, Wolverhampton)

2019  Off Bratislava Festival, "Between"(Bratislava, Slovakia) 

2019  Fotografika Gallery, "Immersion" (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
2019  Finalist of the competition "Young photographers of Russia" (Kaluga, Russia) 

2018  Fotografika Gallery, "In between" (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)




2019   Shortlist, Fujifilm Young Talent Award, Burn Magazine 

2019   Finalist, Young photographers of Russia